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Katrin Buisman

Founder of Create Mind Space and passionate about bringing Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence to companies and people around the world- considering myself a global citizen I have a strong understanding of cultural differences and an intuitive approach on facilitating my trainings.

My corporate background from 12+ years provides me with a deep knowledge of the demands of our fast and competitive work environment.




83,3% Strongly agree that My approach is relevant to their role at their company
Increase Awareness of Thoughts & Emotions to Reveal Insight & Wisdom
Emotional Intelligence correlates With Higher Teamwork & Leadership Performance

What others say about us

83.3% strongly agree that this course is relevant to their role at their company

I really liked how scientifically based it was – lots of knowledge about the brain and it’s functions and how our bodies work.

I thought the practices that we did each week really tied in nicely to what we were learning about our brains and our bodies.

I would for sure recommend this to someone else! I even think this is something all teams should do!

This course needs to be rolled out to everyone in the office so we can all work together in a better way. If we were to adapt what is taught at this class I believe it could create a much calmer, efficient workplace.

It was really fantastic – I think it’s super important that similar courses are rolled out to the wider business.